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What Was The Impact Of The Fees Ban In Scotland?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Fee Ban

In this post, we take a look at the effects of the fees ban in Scotland. Advocates of the proposed English letting fees ban have pointed to the 'sucesses' that have surmonted north of the border....

How Can Technology Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In today’s crowded marketplace, smaller agencies (and their larger counterparts) need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out from the crowd.

What Impact Will The Fees Ban Have On Letting Agents?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Fee Ban

First, let’s take a look at the Government’s argumen for the fee ban in greater detail. They believe that the proposed letting fees ban will create a “strong, private rented sector, which provides...

What Does The Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill Propose And When Will It Come Into Effect?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Fee Ban

On the 23rd November 2016 the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that a government ban on all letting fees charged to tenants would be rolled out across England (a similar ban already exists in...

4 Top Summer Tips For Letting Agents

Repairs and Maintenance Software

Beer gardens are full and the crowds and clouds are gathering over packed-out parks. It’s officially British summertime. But when it comes to letting agents taking a summer break, the only thing...

What Are The Benefits Of Online Repair Reporting For Letting Agents?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

How do you manage your repairs and maintenance management process? With the days of answering the phone and taking notes numbered, it’s time to look further afield at alternative methods such as...

Letting Agents: Don't Lose Landlords With Poor Repairs

Letting Agent Blog

To win new landlords, one thing is clear: letting agents must be apt at providing immediate value, particularly when it comes to protecting a landlord’s key asset – their property. After all, it...

10 Things To Consider When Buying Repair & Maintenance Management Software

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

 If like most other property managers, you are fed up with the time and hassle of managing repairs, trust us you are not alone.

What Is A Maintenance Works Order Software?

PPM, Letting Agent Blog

When it comes to maintenance, it really is best to be prepared. By using a maintenance works order software, property managers can plan maintenance and manage their relationships with...

Rapid Response: How To Maximise Impact As A Letting Agent

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Solutions to meet increasing customer needs and demands are becoming more and more technically enhanced and the danger in all of this is that the simplest things are missed. What a customer really...

5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Repairs Process

Letting Agent Blog

Poor property maintenance is a deal breaker for over half of all tenants when it comes to renting a property, LSL’s 2017 annual survey has revealed. The report found that 37 per cent of those...

Establishing Your Reputation As A Letting Agency

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

The temptation to take short cuts when advising landlords is always great – particularly when it might appear that your advice will, initially at least, save them money. The problem is that short...

Introducing The Property Stack

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In this blog post, we will be exploring the ‘three waves’ of PropTech which takes us from the late 1980s to the current day. We will also be looking at the current approach, how it is selling...

How Can Letting Agents Utilise Digital Marketing To Gain New Leads?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

In today’s online world, it is essential for letting agents to incorporate digital into their marketing strategy. The beauty of utilising social media platforms is that, by monitoring them, you...

Fixflo Announces Co-Sponsorship Of The 2017 ARMA Annual Conference and Dinner

Fixflo News Blog

Today, award-winning software supplier Fixflo announced its co-sponsorship of the 2017 ARMA Annual Conference and Dinner.

What Are The Advantages Of A Cloud Based Lettings System?

Letting Agent Blog

Implementing a cloud based letting system into your business may seem daunting, but for the letting agent looking to get ahead, there are three key reasons why you should start today.

How Can Letting Agents Win Business The Old-Fashioned Way?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

There are many ways that agents gain landlord property instructions: canvassing, door knocking, trawling the websites, identifying property etc. The best and most effective method happens to be...

The Benefits of Knowing Your Landlord

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Letting agents, you must first decide on the type of landlord you want to attract. 

5 Common Misconceptions About Repair And Maintenance Management Software

PropTech, Repairs and Maintenance Software


Letting Agents: Listen To Your Portal Leads

Letting Agent Blog

Great customer service is highly attractive to landlords and letting agents that get it right will easily see an increase in clients. So it pays to know exactly the kind of service your business...

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