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5 Ways to Keep Landlords Happy

Landlord Tips, repairs and maintenance management software, retaining landlords, property management, keep landlords

Landlords are the lifeblood of any lettings agency and keeping them happy is imperative if you want your business to thrive. But with the Property Ombudsman receiving around 1,000 complaints from...

How Proptech Can Plug the Holes in the Rental Housing Market

PropTech, repairs and maintenance management software, property management

Change is coming. From ordering shopping online to Ubering a ride, downloading a book or tapping out your takeaway order, technology has transformed the way we transact in every other sector,...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: LetMC

property management software, repairs software, letmc

We love LetMC - it's one of our favourite property management systems, as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to its features and...

Can Proptech be Seen as a Threat to Property Managers?

PropTech, property manager

2017 was undoubtedly proptech's breakthrough year, and 2018 promises to be an even bigger year for it. In the 2017 Fixflo Report, more agents than ever said that they were using some sort of digital...

Definitive Guide to Block Repairs and Maintenance Management Software Released

Block Management Blog, Block Repairs and Maintenance Software

Block management is a time-consuming task, much more so than standard property management. You might be managing the block externally, you might be managing the spaces inside the block or you...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: Reapit

property management software, repairs software, reapit

Reapit is one of Fixflo's 16 best property management software systems as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to what it offers property...

Wondering How to Find Landlords? Try Fixflo’s New Flyer

how to get landlords, how to find landlords, how to attract landlords to my letting agency

Landlords are the most precious commodity as far as lettings agents are concerned. If they can’t find new landlords who own properties they can manage, their agencies will eventually decline, or...

What Could 2018 Hold for the Development of Proptech and Repairs Software?

PropTech, repairs software

2017 has been something of a breakthrough year for proptech - more solutions and providers are jostling for space in an increasingly crowded marketplace and, as a consequence (and/or a recognition...

Why Strengthened Data Regulations Could Make it Difficult to Find New Landlords

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, gdpr, compliance

May 25th 2018 will probably be a largely unremarkable day - everyone will be looking forward to the long weekend provided by the Spring Bank Holiday on the 28th, and we’ll probably just be getting...

10 Tips for Lettings Success in 2018

10 tips, 2018

You'd be forgiven for having bigger concerns in 2018 - namely that the respective leaders of the United States and North Korea don't blow us all up - but it could also be a big year for the...

5 Ways for Agents to Beat the Tenant Fees Bill

Letting Fee Ban, property maintenance, property management software, tenant fees bill

It’s coming, and when it does the Tenant Fees Bill could wipe 20% of agents’ income off their books. ARLA research indicates that letting fees currently make up around one fifth of an agent’s...

How Will Proptech Transform the Homes of the Future?

PropTech, repairs and maintenance management software

Smart systems already offer home occupants the opportunity to control their heating, lighting and even music externally, so that if the temperature or mood drops on the commute home, they can...

5 Cost-Effective Benefits of Planned Maintenance

PPM, repairs and maintenance management software, planned maintenance, property management, proactive maintenance

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

While JFK may not have had planned maintenance in mind when he made this comment, his words still have a resonance for the property rental...

Win Landlords with Fixflo's What Should Landlords Look For in a Letting Agent? Flyer

Attracting Landlords, how to attract new landlords, win landlords

It's nearly Christmas and if you're anything like us, you've been listening to Christmas songs since mid-November to get in the festive spirit. This, of course, ignites the age-old debate about...

How Repairs and Maintenance Software Can Save You Money

PropTech, Repairs and Maintenance Software, property management

Agencies that implement repairs and maintenance software save 20% of repairs from even being reported (either by solving them at source or clarifying whose responsibility it is to implement a...

Why Tech-Savvy Millennial Tenants Prefer Online Repairs and Maintenance Management Software

Repairs and Maintenance Software, repairs and maintenance management software, millennial tenants

Although first-time buyers are getting older (the average age of a first time buyer was 33 in 2015-16, up from 31 the decade before), it’s a well-recognised fact that the majority of tenants are...

Security Deposit Deduction Guide for Property Managers Released

security deposit deduction, deposit protection scheme

While security deposits are undoubtedly a vital aspect of agreeing a tenancy as a means of protecting a property from excessive damage or neglect, they can be a bone of contention between landlord...

What to Expect From the Lettings Industry in 2018

tenant fees bill, Brexit, lettings industry

2018 could (whisper it) be one of the most exciting years to date in the lettings industry (maybe). Change is in the air - for instance, the Tenant Fees Bill is due to pass through the Houses of...

What Will Landlords Expect From Letting Agents in 2018?

Letting Agent Tips, repairs and maintenance management software, property management

In 2018, the increase in the Bank of England base rate combined with the additional 3% stamp duty applied to second homes means most landlords will be looking to streamline property holdings...

Block Management: a Great Opportunity for Letting Agents?

Block Management Blog, Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, block management software

With the Tenant Fees Bill now published in draft form, the reality of the situation may only just be starting to dawn on lettings agencies. This legislation, which prohibits all fees that do not...

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