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8 Features You Should Look For When Buying Block Management Software

block management software, repairs and maintenance management software

As a block manager, you may be on the lookout for a comprehensive and easy-to-use block management software solution to help streamline your day-to-day operations. Not only does it help you...

What is Repairs and Maintenance Management Software for Block Management?

block management software, repairs and maintenance management software

You may be familiar with lettings repairs and maintenance management software - it’s one of the cornerstones of proptech, a proven addition to any business looking to streamline its repair...

Winter Tenant Responsibility Flyer Now Available

property maintenance, tenant responsibilities

With full-on, proper winter just around the corner (how is it nearly Christmas already?!), it's important to ensure that the properties you manage are ready for the cold temperatures and bad...

Boiler Maintenance Checklist Now Available

property maintenance, boiler maintenance

The effect of dropping temperatures on a property have been well-documented, not least by us - our Autumn Maintenance Checklist covers everything property managers need to do in order to prepare...

Tenant Fees Bill Published

Letting Fee Ban, Tenants' Fees Ban, tenant fees bill

We’ve known it’s been coming for quite a while now, but today the government published the long-mooted letting fees ban bill, which now has the official title of the Tenant Fees Bill. Among other...

Attracting Landlords: Fixflo's Resources

Attracting Landlords

With the Tenant Fees Bill now published, we know that it's important for you to keep your revenue streams as high as possible. One of the surest ways of doing that is in finding new landlords to...

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing Gnomen

Repairs and Maintenance Software, integrations, gnomen

Our series about our integration partners and the fantastic work they do continues today with our celebration of Gnomen.

How Does Property Management Software Simplify Portfolio Management?

property maintenance, property management software, property manager

Property management can be an extremely complex process - dealing with multiple properties, managing multiple tenant demands and keeping landlords up to date, all while trying to find new landlords

What is the Client Money Protection Scheme and Why Do Clients Need It?

client money protection scheme

The Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme is an insurance product taken out by letting agents to protect landlords, tenants and other clients against the misappropriation of funds (such as...

What KPIs Should Property Managers Aim to Work to?

property maintenance, property management software, kpis, property manager

When trying to progress a business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of being too abstract when laying out objectives or, conversely, setting too many unrealistic goals. The best way to avoid...

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing Qube Global Software

Repairs and Maintenance Software, integrations, qube global software

Continuing our ongoing series in which we celebrate our integration partners, all of whom are amazing proptech proponents. Today, we're focusing on Qube Global Software.

Fixflo Integrations: Introducing Expert Agent

Repairs and Maintenance Software, integrations, expert agent

We've decided we don't shout about our integration partners enough - not only do they introduce us to their customers, which is fantastic, but they also do amazing work in their own right. Today,...

How to Build Your Property Stack with a Best-in-Class Approach

PropTech, property stack

Technology moves at a frightening rate, sometimes. It feels like the property industry has only just got used to the idea of proptech, but it's already developing and changing into something new:...

Are Your Properties Prepared For Autumn?

property manager

Over the past few years, autumn has quietly become everyone's favourite season - whether we're all just a bit sick of summer (or usual lack thereof) by the time October rolls around or whether it...

Introducing Re-Leased

Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, property maintenance, re-leased, integrations

Here at Fixflo, we were recently thrilled to be able to announce our partnership with property management platform Re-Leased. Here’s a quick overview about exactly who Re-Leased are, what they do,...

5 Ways for Block Managers to Use Technology to Their Advantage

Block Management Blog, Block Repairs and Maintenance Software, Property Inventory, property maintenance

For block managers coming under increasing pressure from the all-in-one package competition from Build to Rent properties, block management software is the best way stand up to the competition,...

How to Stay Connected to Tenants When Bad Weather Strikes

Tips for Tenants, Property Inventory, property maintenance

Bad weather is bad business for landlords. In America the costs of Hurricane Harvey are expected to run to $160 billion dollars, and these damaging storms aren’t confined to the other side of the...

How to Make a Business Case for Repairs and Maintenance Management Software eBook Released

Letting Agent Blog

Is there anything more frustrating than experiencing constant pressure at work that you know could be alleviated with one simple change?  

Re-Leased and Fixflo Join Forces with Fully Integrated Collaboration

Fixflo News Blog

Cloud-based property management platform Re-Leased has partnered with Fixflo, the UK’s leading repair management software.

Fixflo's 10 Essential Letter Templates for Property Managers Released

Letting Agent Blog

Writing a letter was once the only way for most people to communicate without being in the same room, and it was as normal as breathing. One of the most famous epistolary novels of all time, for...

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