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Property Technology Blog

How Proptech Tools Can Make Your Life Easier

PropTech, compliance, audit trail

In property, time is one of our biggest commodities, and with stagnating rents and the much-feared Tenant Fees Bill threatening to squeeze already slim profit margins, agents have to find ways to...

How Three Little Words Could Represent A Big Opportunity For Letting Agents

fitness for human habitation bill, hhsrs

It’s no secret: lettings is hard and becoming harder. The game has changed. It’s not about winning an instruction from “X down the road”, there’s a collective game in play with all professional...

First-Time Landlords: How to Prep Your Property for Tenants

first-time landlords

Becoming a landlord for the first time can be a daunting business. If you’ve done your sums properly, the rental returns on the property should make it worthwhile - but when you’re just starting...

How An Effective Audit Trail Can Save Your Livelihood

compliance, audit trail

Creating an audit trail might not be a direct compliance requirement, but it is still one of the most valuable things you can do to protect yourself and your business.

The Managing Agent's Guide to Choosing The Right Contractor

choosing the right contractor

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, choosing the right contractors is vital. It’s not just a matter of contractors representing your brand; it’s also a matter of compliance because if things...

Save Money With These Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Quick Wins

minimum energy efficiency standards

While figures have not yet been released, it’s thought that thousands of landlords have been affected by the implementation of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, which forced properties with an...

Introducing Our How To Win New Landlords Campaign

how to win new landlords

Property management in 2018 is a difficult industry to be successful in. The market is saturated in terms of the number of agencies competing for a finite number of landlords and, though the...

How to Test Your Smoke Detector

smoke detector

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations of 2015 state that all rental properties should be fitted with a working smoke alarm on each floor of the property. They also state that...

How to Communicate With Your Contractors Effectively

contractor communication, contractor app

When it comes to repairs, the devil is definitely in the detail. Being able to provide the correct details of a repairs or maintenance issue at tenant level obviously speeds up the resolution of a...

Smoke Alarms and Best Practice

smoke detector

Did you know one in three people in the UK have never tested their smoke alarm? Or that, as a landlord, it falls under your remit to test all smoke alarms on your property at the commencement of...

How to Serve a Section 21 Notice Correctly

Section 21

If you took a poll of the biggest gripes of lettings agents, the serving of Section 21 notices would probably be near, if not at, the top of the list. It’s a process that can be difficult to...

The Four Cs of Effective Contractor Communication

Contractors, contractor communication

Did you know that even the smallest repairs job can generate up to 15 back-and-forth exchanges between contractors, landlords and tenants? By the time you’ve sifted through every last phone call,...

Why You Still Need to be Thinking About the Letting Fees Ban

letting fees ban

There has been a palpable diminishing of the urgency associated with the letting fees ban over the past few months with the announcement that it won’t be coming in until the beginning or the...

Why Effective Property Inventories are More Important Than You Think

Property Inventory

Property inventories can be controversial subjects. Coming at the end of an admin-heavy process, landlords could be forgiven for not wanting to bother engaging in a to-and-fro process with...

5 Top Tips for Managing Contractors

contractor management

As a managing agent, you’re only as good as your worst contractor. No matter how effective and attentive your communication with clients is, how knowledgeable and well-connected you are or how...

The Housing Disrepair Protocol - What is It and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

block management, leasehold property, housing disrepair protocol

In the vast majority of leases, the landlord is tasked with repairing and maintaining the exterior, structure and common parts of a building which has been divided into flats. The leaseholder for...

What Are Pre-Qualification Schemes?

pre-qualification schemes, block managers

When procuring a contractor for block work, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration as you ensure that the contractor and their employees can work to a high standard without...

Fixflo and AXA Partners Work Together to Help UK Letting Agents

Fixflo News Blog

JUNE 2018: Fixflo, the market-leading repair and maintenance management software company, and AXA Partners, a leading home emergency provider with an in-house managed network of contractors, are...

Property Management Software Buyers' Guide: Re-Leased

property management software, re-leased, repairs software

Re-Leased is one of our favourite property management systems. We said so in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide, but now it has its own article. We've created a guide to its features...

How the Concept of the “Expert Agent” Applies to Relationship Management

expert agent

The concept of an expert agent is often cited in the context of lettings agents knowing everything about the rental market, the areas in which they’re dealing, legislation to be aware of and more....


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