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4 Reasons You Need Block Repairs and Maintenance Management Software

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As block managers know, managing multiple blocks across multiple cities can be an administrative nightmare. Combine that with the time demands of the increasing legislation dogging the sector and the expectations of Residents’ Associations Committees (RACs) and block managers can find almost all profit squeezed out of their role.

This is where investing in the right block repairs and maintenance management software can make a difference. Automating smaller tasks like issuing contractor invoices and generating repairs reports is just one way the right software can free up manager time and streamline process. Here are four more quick ways an effective block repairs and maintenance software system could be the difference between the success and failure of a portfolio.

Block occupiers expect digital solutions

With the majority of block occupiers falling within the Generation Rent demographic of 18-35, there’s now a growing emphasis on immediate, interactive solutions. Thanks to apps like Deliveroo and Uber, we’re becoming increasingly accustomed to instant service, and solutions that can be adopted via smartphone or tablet within minutes. The constant dialogue that repairs and maintenance software opens up allows both occupiers and leaseholders to feel connected to their block manager whenever they want.

Digitalisation allows for expansion

With profit points likely to be squeezed in 2018, it’s logical that all parts of the sector, including block management companies, will look to expand in order to limit the negative impact of reduced fees on their margins. Software to structure maintenance and streamline repairs means that taking on additional blocks doesn’t require an increase in staffing to deal with them.

Greater transparency for all parties

Once a repair has been reported, repairs and maintenance software allows occupiers and leaseholders to follow its progress online. Although most software won’t be able to provide an exact time that the issue will be resolved, it should keep occupiers and residents up to date with the concern being logged, the contractor being engaged, the call out being booked and the resolution of the repair. In addition to reducing a manager’s workload (cutting out the amount of time spent fielding calls on repairs’ status), the ability to check in on the process should increase tenant and leaseholder satisfaction with the service being offered.

Flexibility for block managers themselves

In addition to greater customer satisfaction, one of the major advantages block management repairs and maintenance software offers to block managers is increased flexibility. Using a cloud-based system to store all client and building details, block management software means that any portfolio can be accessed remotely. This anytime, anywhere access is vital for managers with geographically diverse portfolios or those looking to expand into previously untapped areas. With the right repairs and maintenance software, nowhere is beyond your reach.

For more information on repairs and maintenance software and choosing the right package for you, download our free eBook, The Definitive Guide to Block Repairs & Maintenance Management Software, by clicking here or below.

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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