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5 Ways for Block Managers to Use Technology to Their Advantage

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For block managers coming under increasing pressure from the all-in-one package competition from Build to Rent properties, block management software is the best way stand up to the competition, add capacity and fight back. Here are five ways the right software can aid and enhance the management of a block, enabling greater efficiencies and a broader portfolio for its users.  

Automating service charge and ground rent collections

Block management software can automate payment of service charges and ground rents. In addition to being industry best practice, the automation of payment collections ensures swift processes and creates an automated record of all financial transactions, which is invaluable when it comes to any payment disputes.

Streamlining both the reactive and planned maintenance process

Keeping track of planned maintenance through an online dashboard system allows block managers greater ability to act proactively and plan tasks in advance. Software can also create workflows to automatically generate reminders, authorise requests and issue invoices. This block management technology also has a relevance for reactive repairs because it informs leaseholders of their responsibilities (reducing unnecessary call outs) and keeps track of contractor certifications, giving managers total oversight and ensuring they’re up to date with all compliance issues

Occupants benefit from 24/7 service

The bigger the block, the harder it is to maintain a constant level of customer service; evidenced by last year’s leaseholder survey, commissioned by Brady’s Solicitors in conjunction with LEASE. This comprehensive survey found 45% of leaseholders found it difficult to get hold of their block manager in the event of an issue and over half of them consequently regretted having purchased a leasehold flat. Block management software allows both leaseholders and tenants the ability to make contact and report a repairs or maintenance issue around the clock. The ability to make leaseholders feel listened to is the best step any block manager can take to improving customer service

Resources are freed up

Automating time-consuming processes like the generation of automatic reminders, issuing of invoices and creation of repairs resolution reports frees up vital resources, therefore allowing block managers to devote their time to parts of the role that can’t be automated.

Block managers can upscale the business

With a comprehensive block planner module, managers can view the block’s entire planned maintenance schedule at a glance, enabling them to manage multiple blocks simultaneously and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This ability to shoulder extra blocks without putting processes under strain or requiring additional staff reduces administration costs while increasing profit. For block managers using block management software new blocks are no problem.  

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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