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What Was The Impact Of The Fees Ban In Scotland?

Letting Agent Blog, Tenant Fee Ban/Bill

In this post, we take a look at the effects of the fees ban in Scotland. Advocates of the proposed English letting fees ban have pointed to the 'successes' that have surmounted north of the...

5 Reasons Why Landlords Still Need Letting Agents

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In today’s cautious market, landlords may be tempted to reduce their overheads and let their letting agents go in favour of managing their property (or properties) alone.

How Can Letflo Help Letting Agents Comply With Section 21 Changes?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

Recent statistics released by legal firm Kirwans state that a staggering 70% of eviction notices issued by landlords to tenants have been deemed invalid. [1]

How Can Agents Mitigate the Risk Associated With Section 21?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

To mitigate the risk associated with Section 21, letting agents must be able to evidence that they have taken the appropriate measures to be compliant at the beginning of the tenancy.

What Is A Section 21 Notice?

Section 21 Legislation, Letflo, Section 21, Deregulation Act 2015

Update: The government has announced their intention to abolish Section 21 in early 2019. It is unlikely that the government will remove the law without another legislation to fill some of the...

How Can Property Managers Benefit From Repairs And Maintenance Software?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Suitable for letting agents of all shapes and sizes, repairs and maintenance software is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of growing and enhancing your business. Streamlining your...

6 Summer Maintenance Tips

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

They say ‘make hay while the sun shines’ – an adage that definitely applies to the rental property game. Summertime is the perfect time for landlords to focus on maintenance issues, both big and...

What Do Millennial Tenants Want From A Rental Property?

Tips for Tenants, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

With generation rent now making up a significant portion of the rental market, landlords should be prioritising the things that millennials prize when it comes to home hunting.  Focusing on the...

How Can PropTech Help Agents Deal with A Rental Surge?

PropTech, Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

One in four households will be privately rented by 2021, according to new research by Knight Frank. But despite a surge of activity in the sector, it’s unlikely letting agents will be able to...

What Are The 5 Most Common Tenant Repairs?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, Repairs and Maintenance Software

When it comes to tenant repairs, the same pain points keep cropping up. These are often complicated by confusion about who bears responsibility for their resolution; the tenant or the landlord. We...

Fixflo MD Rajeev Nayyar Nominated For Estate Gazette’s Rising Star Award 2017

Fixflo News Blog

 Fixflo’s Managing Director, Rajeev Nayyar, has been shortlisted in the Rising Stars Category at this year’s Estate Gazette Awards. Hosted annually, the Estate Gazette Awards celebrate the best in...

What ‘When the Landlords Move In’ Can Teach Us About Repair Reporting

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

TV show ‘When the Landlords Move In’ makes for some carcrash viewing, but it also has some valuable lessons to teach landlords and letting agents about repairs reporting too.

4 Ways To Minimise The Impact Of The Tenant Fee Ban

Letting Agent Blog, Tenant Fee Ban/Bill

Now is the time for agents to critically evaluate their business and make the necessary changes. Even though many agencies intend to pass the cost of the letting fees ban onto the landlord, in...

What Are Tenants Responsible For During Their Tenancy?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

Everyone has heard the story about the tenant who called in maintenance to change a lightbulb. But while it might be humorous, this tall tenant tale is part of a wider problem. Namely that tenants...

What Are The Likely Outcomes Of The Fees Ban?

Letting Agent Blog, Tenant Fee Ban/Bill

Although it’s unclear as to what format the lettings fee ban will take, or when it will be put into effect,it is clear that there are  two likely scenarios emerging and from these, three possible...

How Can Technology Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors?

Letting Agent Blog, Repairs and Maintenance Software

In today’s crowded marketplace, smaller agencies (and their larger counterparts) need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out from the crowd.

What Impact Will The Fees Ban Have On Letting Agents?

Letting Agent Blog, Tenant Fee Ban/Bill

First, let’s take a look at the Government’s argument for the fee ban in greater detail. They believe that the proposed letting fees ban will create a “strong, private rented sector, which provides...

The 2017 Rental Repairs Survey Is Here

Rental Repairs Survey, The Fixflo Report, Letting Agent Blog

Agents, it's time for you to have your say and participate in the largest survey of its kind. Fixflo's annual Rental Repairs Survey aims to provide agents with an insight into repairs and...

What Does The Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill Propose And When Will It Come Into Effect?

Letting Agent Blog, Tenant Fee Ban/Bill

On the 23rd November 2016 the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that a government ban on all letting fees charged to tenants would be rolled out across England (a similar ban already exists in...

4 Top Summer Tips For Letting Agents

Repairs and Maintenance Software

Beer gardens are full and the crowds and clouds are gathering over packed-out parks. It’s officially British summertime. But when it comes to letting agents taking a summer break, the only thing...

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