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5 Top Tips For Block Managers For A Happy Xmas!

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Lost keys 

It’s Friday the 20th December. The festive season is in full swing. Office Christmas parties and late nights with copious amounts of alcohol lead to things going missing.  It shouldn’t be your problem but often it is and you are the first person they call in the morning to find out when they can pop by the office to collect a spare key so they can get in to the building. However your office is now closed and won’t be re-opening until the 27th or worse still the 2nd January! Forewarned is fore-armed. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place to deal with this eventuality. 


The bain of every property manager’s life. Whose alarm is it & how do you stop it ringing? A leaseholder will not leave you alone if it is one that falls under your responsibility. Yet again it is often you that is in the firing line and suffers the wrath of an occupant who has been kept up all night by a constantly ringing alarm, even when it is not part of the freeholder’s demise. 
If you have outsourced your out of hours cover do make sure they understand who is responsible for what, otherwise it will fall on you to sort out that invoice for a premium rate call out. 

Break ins

It’s hardly a surprise there is a spike in burglary & theft at this time of year. Empty properties as people take holidays or go to visit the family, all those lovely boxed goodies under the tree and sometimes they are even on display. It’s a good idea to ensure you have minimum of 3 contractors on standby for both board ups & lock changes, as they of course have family commitments to take care of also. Fortunately you have loaded all the contractor details on Fixflo, so the process of accessing their information and instructing them is simple to do remotely. 


Empty properties make tracing the source of a leak a challenge. In order to manage the event effectively it is essential to have access to building records. If you don’t currently have remote access then you should! Otherwise it’s back to the office. 
Having an all-encompassing communication platform like Fixflo will not only allow your team to access all the necessary information from anywhere, it will save you countless time & phone calls in keeping all parties in the loop with progress. 

No Heat

The communal boiler has gone down and your mobile has literally not stopped ringing as leaseholder after leaseholder demands to know when it will be back on. You’ve had your contractor out within 4 hours...but he needs to source part and the suppliers are not open for another 4 days. One update on the Fixflo will send an email to everyone in the building to update them on the state of play.


Ask your contractor to carry temporary heaters or to know where to obtain them during the Xmas shutdown. 
Make sure you don’t forget your mobile charger!

Finally a few reminders-

Sort out your out of office rota
Update your answer machine with any special arrangements
Update you out of office messages with the appropriate wording for the shut-down period
Contact your key suppliers and double-check their availability & contact points

Set up your free Fixflo trial to see how easy the process can be. ACT NOW and it will be in place over the Christmas period. http://www.fixflo.com/Block/Home

Zahraa Valu

Written by Zahraa Valu

Leaseholds | Block Management Blog | Repairs and Maintenance Software

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