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Social Media: Top Tips For Estate & Letting Agents

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1. Timing

Timing is crucial to optimise engagement with your messages.

You may have the best content, newsletter, and blogs in your area, but these will all fall on deaf ears if you are releasing them at the wrong time!

The key channels available to an estate agent or a letting agent to promote their content are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin. So what are the best times to post on each channel in order to get optimum reach?


Facebook usage is reported to be 32% higher on weekends. This makes sense when you consider that many people are at work during the week when their access to Facebook may be limited, or even blocked. 

Get strategic with your posts to reach tenants, landlords, vendors and purchasers when they are commuting or evening and weekends when they check for updates on their phone.


Studies show that engagement times depend largely on target audience.

If your message is B2B (eg if you want property developers or corporates to see your message) then you are should prioritise posting during the week.

However, if your content is B2C targeted (tenants, landlords, vendors or purchasers) then in a similar way to Facebook you should schedule your tweets for weekday evenings and weekends.


Instagram is a resource which still remains underused by agents. Click here to read our recent article on the instant value of using Instagram for your estate agency or letting agency.


Last but not least, Linkedin is (surprisingly) the third fastest-growing social media channel and a fantastic resource to reach out to a professional audience.

Due to the nature of this audience, it is best to concentrate posting your content during the week, especially from Tuesday to Thursday in order to reach optimum engagement. Posting on the weekend with this channel is significantly less productive.

Although Facebook & Twitter are often prioritised over Linkedin, research shows that Linkedin is actually the Number One social referral source for direct traffic to your websites. Ignore it at your peril!  

2. Emailing Newsletters & Blogs:

If you send out regular newsletters or have a regularly updated blog, then timing is also important.

Light-hearted, easy to read content is best sent out at midday for your audience to browse during their lunch break.

Information and promotional content is better sent later in the day, during the late afternoon and early evening as your audience winds down from work.  

3. Images

Studies show that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets. The majority of your tweets should therefore include images in order to boost your audience engagement.

4. Videos

As of January 2015 you can share short video content on Twitter of up to 30 seconds. If you use Youtube, or have a TV channel, you could use this to share ‘teasers’ of your content and to encourage your audience to click through onto your website to find out more.

 Remember in the social media world sharing is caring!

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Zahraa Valu

Written by Zahraa Valu

Social Media Tips For Letting Agents | Tips for Tenants

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