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Student Lettings: Do you speak the language?

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More international students in the UK than ever

Those looking to conquer the student lettings market would do well to consider learning another language, or ensure that they’re working with an agent or service that deals in multiple mother tongues, as international students are continuing to flood into the country to get their world-class education.


The UK currently hosts more international students than anywhere else in the world, and applicants are soaring. It doesn’t take a university degree to know that communication is key when it comes to renting to this sector.

UK holds 34 of the world's best Unis

Foreign students are undoubtedly drawn by a competitive university sector in the ascendant – 34 of the world’s best institutions are in the UK according to the rankings released by the Times Higher Education supplement last year. Where once the US was seen as dominant in this arena, Europe is now becoming a rival higher education powerhouse, with the UK in the lead.


Consequently the number of foreign students attending British universities has doubled in the last decade, with results from top universities in the elite Russell Group like Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter and Bristol revealing that the number of international undergraduates has jumped from 39,000 in 2005/6 to 75,000 in 2013/2014, when the last figures were released.


Where once British universities proved to be a draw for Indian students, it’s now Chinese students on the increase – 56,535 in 2012, up from 25,645 in 2007. Interestingly, more Chinese students are coming over as undergraduates, something that bodes well for their potential landlords, as it highlights a potential for a longer tenure, with many staying to take up postgraduate courses.

In spite of concerns, UK still education hotspot

Last year concerns were expressed about the future of international students in the UK. The government came under criticism for making it increasingly difficult for international students to stay on in the country and work, in addition to failing to distinguish between international students and immigrants. The latest figures should allay these concerns.

Ace the growing international student market

So when it comes to acing the foreign student market, making yourself understood and fostering a clear working relationship will be key, as many foreign students may be away from home for the first time and could have limited English. This is where Fixflo, which is available in over 40 languages, comes in. By making sure your middle-man speaks the language, you can avoid any miscommunication missteps and ensure that both you and your tenant get top marks.

Zahraa Valu

Written by: Zahraa Valu

Student Lettings

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