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The past 12 months have taken a toll on the lettings sector.  Landlords are feeling the squeeze from a combination of hard-hitting tax changes, the impending fees ban in England and ever increasing expectations from consumers.

In this short article, we look at three simple applications of technology that are simple to implement but aren’t currently (that) widely used in the property sector giving you that all-important competitive advantage.


Please repeat after me…" it’s for more than naughty pictures”.  Snapchat has evolved into a bona fide social network (with a reported $22.5bn market valuation). [1]  Its high valuation ties to the fact that 90 million of its 150 million users are under the age of 25. [2]

Snapchat’s ‘Story’ feature is a great way to introduce tenants to a new neighbourhood as it allows letting agents to offer a ‘live’ view of the local area, building up a picture of what life there is really like. Through Snapchat’s short burst of 10-second videos, letting agents can even use this smart tool to offer potential tenants 'snippet' tours that help to filter down viewings to properties that excite the applicant. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Facebook Live

Think that Facebook’s just for the kids, think again.  The average age of a Facebook user is between 25-34 (your landlords now or your soon to be landlords!) [3]

With such a wide-ranging audience, it would be wise to capitalise on Facebook’s latest offering - Facebook Live. Think webinars but with access to 60% of the UK population! [4]

With lettings being a professional service, Facebook Live offers agents with an alternative and effective way to show that they’re the expert on all matters both local and legal as viewers can ask questions and receive answers in real time!

A company’s ethos can often get lost behind branding. Using Facebook Live is a great way to “humanise” your brand by introducing your team to your clients. Use the platform to create a spotlight series whereby one employee each month showcases what their role entails and the contribution that they make to the business and its clients.  Showcasing this side of your company will resonate with your audience, enhancing your authenticity and gaining you the all-important trust you need to further your brand’s reach.

If you’d like further tips on using Facebook to grow your audience, then please click here.

Live Chat

According to research by business2community.com, live chat is fast becoming the most popular way to provide customer service and support. An overwhelming 79% of customers surveyed stated that the main reason they preferred this method of communication was due to the level of immediacy it provides. [5]

Simon Bradbury, director of Thomas Morris, recently implemented live chat and has seen a monumental difference in the levels of customer satisfaction. He says:

"We have been using Yomdel's managed 24/7 live chat since last year and the results have  been exceptional...by being available online whenever people need help we have been able to capture significant volumes of new business, plus I have been delighted with the customer comments which show how much people appreciate being able to communicate with us immediately via chat, no matter what the time of day or night. Our website is arguably our most important office these days, and it is critical that we find ways to set ourselves apart from competitors and deliver the same excellent service online that we offer in our physical branches.”

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Zahraa Valu

Written by Zahraa Valu

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