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Redefining The Role Of The Block Manager

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With the ever-increasing expansion of the Build-to-rent (BTR) sector, many block managers are finding the parameters of their role tightened. Yet, in among the doom and gloom are the success stories that show that block managers demonstrating a real commitment to providing the best possible service can redefine their role and actually break new ground.

Who's making a difference?

One successful example of a block management company who has managed to increase their reach through good service is northern-based leader 'urbanbubble'.
Urbanbubble’s key to success has been in its management of service charges across its blocks . They have managed to reduce charges by up to 30 percent in some developments and reinvested them into comprehensive residential regeneration in others.

What are good block managers getting right?

The service charge

Service charges can often be a point of contention, as leaseholders want a justification for their outlay. Block managers who react promptly to repair requests and manage works to resolution swiftly will be successful in reassuring leaseholders that their service charges are being put to good use. After all, reinvesting the charge back into the maintenance of the building and making it an overall nicer place to live, should maximise their return on investment.

Focus on communal areas

Improving communal areas and facilities is another way for property managers to show that they are providing the best possible service. The maintenance of communal spaces like gardens and outdoor spaces is vital for ensuring developments are attractive places to live.
Top tip: Vegetation should be well-cared for. Also, be sure to check paths / decking for wear and tear and replace as necessary.
Security is also a growing concern (particularly in city centres) so block managers should be proactive in promoting security measures such as gates, locks and key-card systems.
Top tip: Be aware of internal and external lighting to reassure leaseholders that their investment is being protected.

"Uberisation" of repairs and maintenance

It's safe to say that any effective block manager should put a focus on the quick resolution of repairs. However, the days of picking up the phone to report an issue during working hours are long gone. This is in part due to superbrands such as Amazon and technology start-ups like Uber transforming consumer expectations.

Today, occupiers demand 24/7 web based services with regular communication updates to keep them abreast of the resolution process. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) shouldn’t be forgotten either as careful maintenance planning minimises the need for on the spot repairs.

That’s where utilising technological innovation comes in!

Repairs software services such as Fixflo Block offers block managers the ability to schedule routine maintenance automatically through our handy Block Planner module. It also sends contractors reminders when annual works approach and informs leaseholders and occupants of these changes at the click of a button. Furthermore, it allows block managers to check and ensure that all contractor licenses are up-to-date and in order, leaving block managers time to work on other issues that impact both occupants and leaseholders.

Bespoke communications

The only thing more important than good contacts is good communication. Urbanbubble looks to offer a service that “doesn’t just manage but cares” and that’s something for block managers to aspire to. Aim for regular and proactive tenant /leaseholder contact to increase block retention and client satisfaction.

Ground up branding

The more branded services block managers offer, the greater their level of block visibility. Even something as simple as investing in in-house cleaning service providers, in branded uniforms, will lead to better brand recognition for managers. It also creates a positive sense that the block manager is providing a comprehensive service.
Because when it comes to property, seeing really is believing…

To read more about urbanbubble, click

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Zahraa Valu

Written by Zahraa Valu

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