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Fixflo and AXA Partners Work Together to Help UK Letting Agents

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JUNE 2018: Fixflo, the market-leading repair and maintenance management software company, and AXA Partners, a leading home emergency provider with an in-house managed network of contractors, are pleased to announce a joint pilot scheme for lettings agents in the Midlands and Northern England who need emergency access to contractors when their usual contractors are unavailable.

By logging in to the existing, award-winning Fixflo system, letting agents will be able to instruct one of AXA Partner’s fully-qualified emergency contractors whenever they need one, thus ensuring peace of mind at times when it may seem in short supply. Because the feature is designed to be used in those unpredictable occasions when none of the contractors that are regularly used by agents are available (whether it’s because of capacity issues, holidays or illness), it can be a lifesaver in terms of maintaining the smooth running of the agency.

Rajeev Nayyar, Fixflo’s Managing Director, said: “Our customers recognise the value in an on-demand emergency provider who can complete repairs 24/7 and to tight SLAs. Agencies use many contractors to meet their requirements, but there are always going to be occasions when their existing suppliers cannot help, so Fixflo has partnered with AXA Partners to provide a high-quality 24-hour service.”

Kelly Ward, Sales & Innovation Director at AXA Partners, said: “As a market-leading B2B Home Emergency provider, our strategy is to embrace innovation, work with tech partners, and continually explore new ways of making the lives of our customers easier. Our partnership with Fixflo is one example of how we can utilise our experienced contractor network, aside of our standard insurance service, helping UK letting agents tend to their home emergencies quickly and seamlessly.”

One of the businesses acting as a pioneer for this feature and service is Let Leeds, one of Leeds’s leading independent property management agencies. Luke Gidney, the company’s Managing Director, said: “We think this is going to be a fantastic tool for both landlords and agents in terms of them being able to continue to provide a high-quality, assured service, especially when managing properties outside their local area. Maintaining and strengthening customer relationships is vital for agents and this, coupled with Fixflo’s other features, will help us continue to do so.”

After the pilot scheme has finished, Fixflo and AXA Partners intend to roll the service out to lettings agents throughout the UK.

About Fixflo:

Fixflo was founded in May 2013 by former property lawyer Rajeev Nayyar and Duncan Careless, the former CTO of Friends Reunited. Used in more than 400,000 homes across the UK and more around the world, Fixflo is the market-leading and market-standard repair reporting software for managed residential, block and commercial properties.

A multi-award winning system, Fixflo enables end-to-end repair reporting and maintenance management for property managers and lettings agents to quickly and efficiently deal with repairs to provide exceptional customer service to tenants and landlords. In 2016, Fixflo won the Sunday Times Gold Award for Best Supplier to the Lettings Industry.

Please send enquiries to:

Alex King

Head of Marketing


About AXA Assistance:

AXA Assistance UK and Ireland offers a portfolio of assistance service products that are designed to complement or expand customers’ core business areas. It has offered home and property assistance services in Britain since 1986, and is one of the biggest property emergency assistance providers to the financial services market.

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by: Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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