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Harnessing Concierge Customer Service in Block Management

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As build-to-rent properties become ever more popular, the line between a block manager and a residential concierge is becoming increasingly blurred. And it’s not just in the build-to-rent sector either. Even established block management companies are looking to improve their customer service, streamline their maintenance processes and make better use of available resources.

The UK build-to-rent sector has seen huge growth, with reports suggesting that build-to-rent housing stock is increasing at the eye-watering rate of 20% year on year. And, as we have learned from the Fixflo Leasehold and Block Management Market Report 2019, the companies that are benefiting from sector growth are more likely to be those that have embraced technology.

With technology continuously disrupting traditional businesses and long-established industries, the world of block management is not exempt. The level of service required of a block manager is also changing.

Increasing needs for better resident communication

Like almost all other aspects of our lives these days, residential management is moving more towards an on-demand service. Encompassing everything from reactive repairs to handling parcel deliveries. More than ever, managing an apartment block means being available and being able to compartmentalise each of these activities by importance, all while maintaining high standards of customer service.

The role of the block manager has always included facilitating the needs of the residents. But in the age of Amazon deliveries and Deliveroo food orders, there is an additional need to be organised and communicative with the residents of the building block. Many build-to-rent schemes also have communal areas which need to be managed, and traditional blocks too might see residents hold meetings, summer parties and other events in shared spaces around the scheme.

Use technology to deliver exceptional customer service

The Fixflo Leasehold and Block Management Market Report 2019 also found that one of the key reasons that block management firms lose clients is due to a misalignment of customer expectation and delivery. Offering a high-end and responsive customer experience is key to retaining clients and managing the long-term maintenance of a building block.

Diary and task management are of course always important factors when looking after multiple properties. But the use of a built-for-purpose block management software solution is one of the differentiators of a successful block manager. From recordkeeping to accessing information on-the-go to communicating with the block management team, contractors or block residents, property management software like Lobital can provide a superior and scalable service.

Frederick Mensah

Written by: Frederick Mensah

Co-founder of Lobital, Frederick has worked in block management for over 10 years. He developed Lobital to make it easier for block managers and concierge teams to manage a property in a more efficient manner.

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