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How Proptech Has Changed The Role Of The Property Manager

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As the number of proptech solutions on the market increases (2017 was dubbed "proptech’s breakthrough year" by many) it’s understandable that some property managers might fear that increasingly sophisticated technology will eventually do them out of a job. But as our eBook, Is Proptech a Threat to Property Managers?, examines in detail, proptech is actually designed to enhance rather than detract from the role of the property manager. And while it’s undeniable that services like Fixflo, Purplebricks and Hystreet have changed the industry – and the role of property managers within it – here are some of the ways that role change has been for the better.

Less reactive, more customer-based 

Where once property managers were the gateway to the landlord, only contactable in times of crisis, today’s digital tenants expect more proactive, less reactive engagement with their managers. Tenants are used to being able to summon up a taxi at any time of the day or night within minutes and they now expect to be able to broaden those service levels out to other areas of their lives. Technology like Fixflo allows tenants to communicate with landlords and agents 24/7 through its property portal, allowing agents to increase their service levels without having to increase their overheads.

Are agents more like service managers now?

As the industry faces a squeeze, property managers will find the way to increase customer satisfaction is making sure both tenants and landlords are getting the most of the services they offer. Rolling up cleaning and gardening into a rental fee or offering increased legal or accountancy services to landlords is one way property managers can expand their role and take advantage of the proptech available.

The industry is becoming increasingly heavily-legislated, so using proptech solutions like Letflo, which helps agencies stay compliant when serving Section 21 notices, can be a great way for an agency to make itself look as attractive as possible to potential landlords.

A role in keeping with the new industry 

Fear of change is a natural human reaction, so it’s no surprise that some quarters of the property industry have been reluctant to take on the technology solutions available to it – we saw the same thing with the accountancy profession. But just as accountants eventually opened their books to online systems like Xero which sped up their services and enhanced their credibility and capabilities at the same time, the property industry is also coming around to the extensive benefits proptech can offer and beginning to see its implementation as a solution, rather than a problem. The roles of property managers will inevitably change with the industry.

To look at the ways proptech can help your business in more detail, download our free eBook, Is Proptech a Threat to Property Managers?, by clicking here or below.

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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