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How Proptech Tools Can Make Your Life Easier

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In property, time is one of our biggest commodities, and with stagnating rents and the much-feared Tenant Fees Bill threatening to squeeze already slim profit margins, agents have to find ways to streamline processes and increase efficiencies to drive growth. That’s where proptech comes in.

Here are some of the best new initiatives for promoting better service across the industry.

Better client service

Have you ever wished you could be in two places at the same time? With Viewber you can be. When you can’t show a property to a potential tenant, this app allows you to assign a ‘Viewber’ to a viewing and brief them with all of the information about it beforehand. This means you never have to turn down a potential viewing due to capacity or staff availability and can truly offer a 24/7 service.

More information

Speaking of offering clients a better service, apps like Rightmove’s School Checker could massively increase the levels of information about a location that you’re able to offer a client. This clever app helps tenants locate the schools in the area they’re searching and also lets them narrow down their search by using their own admissions criteria to help them figure out whether a school – and a location – is right for them.

Streamlining processes

Apps can also help you streamline your processes, making things easier for both agent and client. One of our favourites is Docusign, which allows you to sign and bind tenancy agreements on a tablet or phone. It’s totally secure and integrates with a whole array of systems, saving hours of both client and agency time.

Clearer, more frequent client communication

Proptech also has an ever-increasing role to play in client communication, which is one of the major consumers of time in the rental industry. We all know we should be keeping our existing clients up-to-date with industry and agency goings-on, but the hunt for new clients sometimes makes that impossible. SEND is an easy-to-use property newsletter and email builder that allows you to send personalised content (linked directly to your website) to both existing clients and new prospects. On the new business side, Movebubble allows agents to connect with prospective tenants by app – meaning they can organise viewings, modify searches and manage transactions with the tap of a button.

Improved agency admin

They say charity begins at home and where would proptech be without a few specialised tools to make the ever-increasing levels of agent administration easier? Payprop has been designed to provide agents with a live and current picture of all payment figures across their portfolio, ensuring better financial management, while Letflo collates all the relevant documents needed to ensure a compliant serving of a Section 21 notice if needed. Letflo also automatically updates the How to Rent guide that tenants must be served with at the beginning of every tenancy, keeping you up-to-date with any legislative changes and ensuring that you always serve clients with the most recent version. How’s that for making everyone 'appy?

For more information about these and a variety of other useful apps, please download our free guide to our favourite tools for property management.

Ben Gallizzi

Written by Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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