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How to Communicate With Your Contractors Effectively

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When it comes to repairs, the devil is definitely in the detail. Being able to provide the correct details of a repairs or maintenance issue at tenant level obviously speeds up the resolution of a repairs - it’s why Fixflo’s repairs and maintenance software system allows tenants to list the makes and models of different appliances and even has a picture-based reporting system for those who don’t know their way around a washing machine. But it’s not just tenants who need to get the details right.

For agents, drilling down on the detail of a job isn’t just the key to getting the job done swiftly – it’s the key to maintaining a good working relationships with the contractor involved. Which means getting the next job done swiftly too. And the one after that…

For better contractor communication, here are the details you need to include.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Rather than assuming both tenant and contractor have the same ideas on size and scale, ensure that a contractor can see either a photo or a video of any issue before they go in to fix it. This will ensure that they allot the correct timeframe, take the right tools and quote an appropriate price for the work.

An address is not enough

You need to give the contractor some idea of the occupier of the property. For example the tenant might be a new parent, who would like the work fitted around a particular schedule or a vulnerable occupier whose work will need priority. Not only will the contractor thank you for equipping them with the relevant levels of detail, it will make the tenant happier as well (specialist reporting systems will give the property manager the option to add these kinds of details) which, given the contractor is a direct representative of the agent, is important to keep in mind.

Lay out a timeframe

Agreeing a timeframe at the beginning of the job is essential. Setting out expectations at the start ensures that both the property manager and the contractor are on the same page, which should be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship.

Contact details

When you’re providing contact details for the tenant and the property, don’t forget to make sure the contractor knows the best way of contacting you too. And make sure you’re actually contactable! You’d be surprised at how easily simple repairs jobs can snowball, making it imperative that your contractor has a way of contacting you quickly in case of a developing situation. Fixflo’s Contractor App definitely adds value here by allowing for instant communication. It also logs every interaction, creating an audit trail to protect you in case of any disputes down the line. That’s what we call finer detail.

Ben Gallizzi

Written by Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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