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How to maximise social media to gain more landlords

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ONCE upon a time social media was seen as the enemy of productivity, giving us too much time to waste stalking old friends instead of working. But the vast amount of time (135 minutes a day globally) we spend online every day actually makes social media a powerful business tool. Lettings agencies who harness its powers effectively are guaranteeing themselves two hours of facetime with potential new landlords every day - time they could use to unlock a wealth of new business, provided they handle their social media right.

So how do you make the most out of social media?

  • Commit – if you’re going to utilise social media, it’s important to do it properly and that means posting regularly. Agencies should set aside at least an hour a day to dedicate to posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat if they want to make the most of social media. If this seems like a lot of time, consider hiring a freelancer to manage social media content or engage an agency. When considering costs, remember social media can be far more effective way of marketing your property than traditional methods like leafleting and cold calling. As such, it’s worth dedicating some of your marketing budget to it.

  • Quality over quantity – while it’s important to post regularly, it really should be a case of quality over quantity. Your tweets and posts should be informative: remember they are your opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader or talking head. It goes without saying that all images and video content should be of the highest quality.

  • Engage – Make sure you respond to comments positively and regularly and don’t forget to like, share and retweet other people’s content. It also makes sense to bring offline relationships online too – seek out and engage with client and industry contacts in order to expand your reach and build your online community.

  • Hashtags – effective hashtags (especially on Instagram and Twitter) are the quickest and most effective way to broaden your audience. Researching popular hashtags and check out the types of hashtags your competitors are using will pay as it will help you access their online database of followers. Once you’ve established a selection of effective hashtags, concentrate on slipping them into your content. You’d be amazed at how many additional followers the right hashtags can net you.

This is just a bite size selection of the many ways understanding and engaging with social media can broaden and expand your business. If you want to learn more about how to attract more landlords, market your business and boost your branding, Fixflo has a whole library of great ebooks and blogs to help you out.

Read more by downloading one of our FREE ebooks about how to attract new landlords.

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Joe Parish

Written by Joe Parish

Joe loves to read on property management. He has also recently adopted a Peaky-Blinder-esque fashion sense and a positive attitude to adjectival hyphenated phrases.

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