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How to Win More Landlords

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With the Tenant Fees Act passing into law, we know that it's important for you to keep your revenue streams as high as possible. One of the surest ways of doing that is in finding new landlords to add to your portfolio. It can difficult to find out how to attract new landlords, though.

Fortunately, this is an area that Fixflo knows well. We've got a lot of extremely valuable resources designed to help you attract more landlords and strengthen your business in the months and years to come and we've collated them all here for your convenience.

How to Attract Landlords to Your Lettings Agency

This guest longread by property business growth expert Christopher Watkin delves into the art of finding new landlords. Chris takes you through landlord psychology, sales techniques and common problems in his own inimitable style - this is a must-read post!

10 Top Tips to Find Landlords

We know it's nearly 2018, but our eBook covering key tips in finding landlords in 2017 is still valid. We got in touch with property experts including Christopher Watkin, Property Academy founder Peter Knight and Moneypenny's Samantha Jones to find out how they think you should be trying to attract landlords to your letting agency.

5 Reasons Why Landlords Still Need Letting Agents

Landlords might be at a premium right now, but it's important to remember that they need letting agents as much as you need them. By understanding why they need you, you can ensure you're offering them what they're most likely to be looking for. Our blog summarises why landlords need you and how you can incorporate those needs into your offering.

40 Top Tips for Letting Agents

Although this eBook isn't strictly based around finding landlords, it does have some useful information in it that will help you maximise your offering and general operations, thus ensuring you become more attractive to potential landlord customers.

Let us know if any of these resources have helped you - that's our main aim, after all! 

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by: Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

Attracting Landlords | how to attract new landlords

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