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Keep the home fires burning this Christmas

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How to keep your property properly maintained this winter

IT might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest. And in the whirl of Christmas parties and the rush to get everything finished before year-end, it can be easy to neglect the winter maintenance of a property. Landlords, particularly those who also hold down an additional day job, may find they have so many other commitments that they’re unable to keep up with basic maintenance until a problem or repair arises.

In order to prevent repairs spiralling as the silly season enters full swing and the countdown to Christmas reaches its conclusion, here are just some of the areas it’s worth reviewing:


Cold weather has the nasty habit of creeping into tiling and paving stones and exacerbating existing cracks. Make sure any cracks on drives or patios are filled in to prevent any nasty accidents – particularly at the time of year when those given to having one too many might be even unsteadier on their feet. It’s also worth checking roof shingles and all exterior siding is firmly attached to the house to prevent accidents or lasting damage to a property.


Trim hedges and bushes back to allow clear access to a property and make sure you rake all fallen leaves so that you don’t prevent grass from growing when the weather gets nicer. If you’re feeling festive, now is the time to plant new shrubs and trees as winter will give them the chance to establish their roots in time to bloom this summer.


Ask your tenants to make you aware of any extended periods that the property might lie empty over the holiday. You should also advise them to leave the water and central heating system on low to avoid frozen pipes if the property is exposed to sub-zero temperatures this season. Leaving the heating on low should also prevent the development of mould and mildew in their absence – neither of which are the kind of Christmas presence anyone wants!

Energy efficiency

How about starting your new year with increased energy efficiency? Now is the perfect time to shore up your property’s insulation. Even simple things, like filling in the gaps between floorboards, window and door frames and replacing draught proof covers around the letterbox and keyhole could make a big difference.

There are plenty more simple ways to keep your property ticking over without any issues at this time of year – why not download our FREE ‘Autumn and Winter Property Maintenance checklist’ for some fresh ideas? Yule not regret it ;)

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Clare Burroughs

Written by Clare Burroughs

Clare is the Marketing Manager for Fixflo


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