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10+ Fascinating Statistics On Communications Every Agency Should Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

property technology

Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2018 shows that we’ve reached the point in technology development that the number of phone calls we’re making is falling (figures show they dipped in 2017)...

Provide 24-Hour Emergency Contact for Licensed Properties Or Risk Up to £30k Fines

repairs process


Not surprisingly, there’s a little-known requirement among all the complicated property licensing regulations. Under section 67 and section 90 of the Housing Act 2004, local...

Maximising Yield in Build to Rent Properties


Introduction: What is Build to Rent?

The UK build to rent (BTR) sector, comprising purpose-built rental homes that are professionally managed and institutionally owned, is booming. Recent research...

What You Need to Know about Section 20

block management, service charge, section 20

What is Section 20 (of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985)?

Covering work done to residential blocks, Section 20 is designed to regulate the financial contribution leaseholders are required to make...

How To Target Landlords: 4 Types of Landlords You Need To Know

win landlords, how to get landlords, how to find landlords

Perhaps the most important aspect of marketing is defining and intimately understanding the market you’re attempting to reach and sell to. Every group of consumers is different in terms of their...

Is branding important for finding landlords?

how to attract new landlords, win landlords

You might have a brand which has been in place for years, but is it actually doing your business any good? Is it making it stand out? Has it helped your agency become well-known throughout your...

New to RoPA? Here's What You Need to Know



Everything You Should Know About Section 21

Section 21 Legislation, Section 21


A Rent Repayment Order Can Make You Pay 1 Year's Rent to Your Tenants


Many landlords are unaware of a significant change in legislation change on the Rent Repayment Order (RRO). It was originally introduced in 2006, under the Housing Act 2004, to enable...

What Has Angus Roberts Got To Say About Fixflo?

ARLA propertymark, fixflo, angus roberts


See why David loves Fixflo-1


How to Reduce The Impact of The Tenant Fee Ban on Your Bottom Line

tenant fee ban, Wales

The ban on tenant fees is fast approaching in Wales and, as in England, is set to have a major impact on agency revenues. 

How to Increase The Rent

Letting Agent Blog, section 13


How a Gen Z Letting Agent Wins Landlords

Letting Agent Blog, how to win new landlords

We spoke with Josh Walshe, of Walshe’s Property and Letting Agency in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. We wanted to find out what his secret was behind the success of both being a new business and being...

Top Tips for Handling Bad Tenants

Letting Agent Blog

In the majority of cases, tenants are great. They are usually the law-abiding guardians of the landlord's property, which is often the biggest investment the landlord would make in their lifetime....

How to Win More Landlords: A Business Strategy

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

In property, the need to progress and attain more resources and as strong a market position as possible is just as important as it is in every other industry. The resource you need to ensure that...

How to Win More Landlords

Attracting Landlords, how to attract new landlords

With the Tenant Fees Act passing into law, we know that it's important for you to keep your revenue streams as high as possible. One of the surest ways of doing that is in finding new landlords to...

Comply With TPO Code of Practice Changes: You Need to Have This Checklist for Repairs and Maintenance

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, repairs and maintenance management software, regulation, TPO Code of Practice


3 Reasons Why Having Clear Processes Will Help You Win Private Landlords

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, lettings industry, lettings agents

Although they are not the easiest things to do, establishing and following robust work processes is important for any business.  This is especially so with letting agencies. They not only help win...

HMO Law Changes Explained in 4 Minutes

Lettings Industry Regulation, Letting Agent Blog, lettings industry, HMO

As it's been months since the extension of mandatory HMO licensing in England, we wanted to reflect on the impact of the changes and look to what the future may hold.

The Importance of Fire Risk Assessment in Effective Planned Preventative Management

PPM, Tips for Block Managers, Block Management Blog, block management, block managers

In the wake of the Grenfell fire disaster, property managers have become more vigilant at instructing their maintenance firms to carry out fire risk assessments (FRAs), however, there is a...

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