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How Picture-Based Reporting Can Save Block Managers Time

block managers

AS an industry, we’re all looking for the next way to save time. For block managers, particularly, repairs – chasing, logging and managing them – form one of the major drains on both time and...

What Do You Need To Know About The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

minimum energy efficiency standards

As the weather grows warmer, you're not likely to be thinking that you need to be particularly energy-efficient. After all, you're going to be using your heating systems less, so that should be...

How Property Managers Can Win Landlords In 2018

property manager, win landlords

2018 will be a big year for landlords. The property market (both rental and sales) is now starting to feel the impact of Brexit and landlords, particularly in London, could see their rental income...

Will You Still Be Able To Let After The EPC Changes?

minimum energy efficiency standards, epc

If you haven't already heard, the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards come into force on 1st April 2018 - the change is going to relate to the new minimum energy efficiency rating which will be...

Contractor Management and Pre-Qualification Schemes

pre-qualification schemes, block management, contractor management

Successful block management relies heavily on the block manager's ability to manage people and relationships to ensure the continued smooth running of the building. This is never more true than when...

How are the Best Lettings Agencies Using Technology in 2018?

PropTech, lettings industry, 2018

You often hear about the idea of trends in different industries - in fashion, you might hear that check patterns are very on trend while, in marketing, nostalgia was the feeling that everybody was...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: PayProp

property management software, repairs software, payprop

PayProp is one of our favourite property management systems. We cited it as such in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide, but we thought it deserved its own article - with that in mind,...

What Do You Need to Know About the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill?

fitness for human habitation bill

If you downloaded our recent eBook, 10 Tips to Avoid Risk in Your Lettings Agency, you'd have seen us mention the impending Fitness for Human Habitation Bill as something you need to be aware of...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: Qube

property management software, qube global software, repairs software

We love Qube Global Software - it's one of our favourite property management systems, as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to its features...

How Can You Avoid Risk In Your Lettings Agency?

compliance, risk

Any responsible lettings agency should always be thinking about the risk and compliance side of their business in everything they do. Granted, it's not the most exciting part of the job, but it's a...

5 Ways to Keep Landlords Happy

Landlord Tips, repairs and maintenance management software, retaining landlords, property management, keep landlords

Landlords are the lifeblood of any lettings agency and keeping them happy is imperative if you want your business to thrive. But with the Property Ombudsman receiving around 1,000 complaints from...

How Proptech Can Plug the Holes in the Rental Housing Market

PropTech, repairs and maintenance management software, property management

Change is coming. From ordering shopping online to Ubering a ride, downloading a book or tapping out your takeaway order, technology has transformed the way we transact in every other sector,...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: LetMC

property management software, repairs software, letmc

We love LetMC - it's one of our favourite property management systems, as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to its features and...

Can Proptech be Seen as a Threat to Property Managers?

PropTech, property manager

2017 was undoubtedly proptech's breakthrough year, and 2018 promises to be an even bigger year for it. In the 2017 Fixflo Report, more agents than ever said that they were using some sort of digital...

Definitive Guide to Block Repairs and Maintenance Management Software Released

Block Management Blog, Block Repairs and Maintenance Software

Block management is a time-consuming task, much more so than standard property management. You might be managing the block externally, you might be managing the spaces inside the block or you...

Property Management Software Buyers Guide: Reapit

property management software, repairs software, reapit

Reapit is one of Fixflo's 16 best property management software systems as cited in our blog and in our Property Management Software Buyer's Guide. Here's a brief guide to what it offers property...

Wondering How to Find Landlords? Try Fixflo’s New Flyer

how to get landlords, how to find landlords, how to attract landlords to my letting agency

Landlords are the most precious commodity as far as lettings agents are concerned. If they can’t find new landlords who own properties they can manage, their agencies will eventually decline, or...

What Could 2018 Hold for the Development of Proptech and Repairs Software?

PropTech, repairs software

2017 has been something of a breakthrough year for proptech - more solutions and providers are jostling for space in an increasingly crowded marketplace and, as a consequence (and/or a recognition...

Why Strengthened Data Regulations Could Make it Difficult to Find New Landlords

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, gdpr, compliance

May 25th 2018 will probably be a largely unremarkable day - everyone will be looking forward to the long weekend provided by the Spring Bank Holiday on the 28th, and we’ll probably just be getting...

10 Tips for Lettings Success in 2018

10 tips, 2018

You'd be forgiven for having bigger concerns in 2018 - namely that the respective leaders of the United States and North Korea don't blow us all up - but it could also be a big year for the...

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