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PayProp Partners With Fixflo To Give Agents A Window Into Repairs

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PayProp, the industry leader in property payments, has announced a technology partnership with Fixflo, the UK’s leading property repair reporting platform, to give PayProp clients sight of repairs on their portfolio without leaving the PayProp platform.

 Convenience on steroids

Shawn Brown, director of business development at PayProp in the UK, says having a gateway into repairs on the PayProp platform will appeal to agents for the convenience and visibility it brings to their businesses.

 “Maintenance is an everyday hassle for agents, and having to contend with multiple platforms for different areas of the business is an inconvenience. With this development, logged-in PayProp agents can see how many repairs tickets are open or have been resolved without leaving PayProp. It is convenience on steroids.”

It is also highly useful for an agent to have clear visibility of repairs when dealing with landlords and tenants, he adds.

 Attractive proposition

Together, PayProp and Fixflo offer significant value to the market.

“PayProp is the first bank-integrated payment platform to link with Fixflo. Clients of both companies can now have a full view of their rental portfolio in an instant – from a repairs and financial perspective. We expect significant traction from it, especially with agents who are already Fixflo customers.”

Significant efficiencies

Rajeev Nayyar, managing director of Fixflo, says the company is delighted with the development.

“It should deliver significant efficiency benefits to our mutual clients in the UK and South Africa.”

Linking properties

Open and resolved maintenance issues can be found in a new section called ‘Maintenance’ on the PayProp dashboard.

“Linked properties will display any maintenance issues associated with them, and agents can create new maintenance issues against properties with a Fixflo account,” says Brown.


PayProp has offices in the UK and South Africa, and is in the process of establishing a presence in Canada and Australia.

Zahraa Valu

Written by: Zahraa Valu

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