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Qube Global Software Announces Full Integration With Fixflo

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Qube Global Software, world-leading property software company, today announces integration across their full product suite with Fixflo’s repair reporting and workflow software systems. 

This means that users of our Qube SLM software can now offer their tenants 24/7 guided repair reporting for any issues that arise on the properties they are renting. These reports can be processed in any one of 40 languages before seamlessly being allocated to the correct property record.

Trevor Youens Managing Director of Qube SLM said:

“Aside from providing an efficiency boost for our customers, Fixflo’s system gives them with an easy way to demonstrate how they protect landlords’ assets around the clock.”

Rajeev Nayyar Fixflo’s Managing Director added:

“Coming fast on the heels of our recent win at the Sunday Times Awards, this integration shows that we are meeting a real need in the sector.  We are delighted to have integrated Fixflo’s repair reporting solution into Qube SLM and have already received strong levels of interest in the integrated system.”

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How it works with Qube SLM
Qube SLM Integration - Setting it up

Zahraa Valu

Written by: Zahraa Valu

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