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Re-Leased and Fixflo Join Forces with Fully Integrated Collaboration

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Cloud-based property management platform Re-Leased has partnered with Fixflo, the UK’s leading repair management software.

The partnership will grant all users of the Re-Leased platform access to a fully integrated Fixflo reactive repair reporting software or the complete Fixflo Plus reactive and planned repair management system.

This will allow for a streamlined and largely automated repairs process to be effected from the Re-Leased platform.

With recent advancements in technology, it has become clear that, when it comes to property management solutions, platform always beats product. That is to say, a platform upon which clients can handpick and build the solutions which they receive, is far more liberating than a single source product that is limited to the solutions and advancements of just one company.

This integration is an important new phase in the evolution of proptech which will see well-established companies collaborating with one another to aid accelerated innovation and deliver the kind of cross-platform solutions that the property sector is calling for.

By integrating their individual solutions, Re-Leased and Fixflo are able to offer a best-in-class service to both their commercial and residential clients.

Richard Kennedy, UK Managing Director at Re-Leased, said:

“We are excited about our integration with Fixflo as we are committed to partnering with best in class proptech partners who can help us achieve our vision of building a world-class ecosystem of connected software partners for property owners and managers.”

Rajeev Nayyar, Fixflo’s Managing Director, said:

“We see this partnership as a natural evolution within the proptech sphere to ensure both businesses' customer bases receive a well-rounded service at the highest possible level. As property technology moves towards interoperability as standard, the Re-Leased/Fixflo offering will deliver material service and efficiency benefits to mutual clients around the world.”

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Ben Gallizzi

Written by: Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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