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Top tips for maintaining your boiler between services

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As winter approaches, it’s more important than ever to keep your boiler well maintained. 

 Look after your boiler now and in the future it will look after itself…

EVEN with replacement cover, replacing a boiler can be an expensive process. But regular maintenance and a few small steps can extend a boilers’ lifetime not to mention reducing the potential costly callouts that problem boilers generate. As the colder weather takes hold, implementing the following steps will make a big difference to the condition of your boiler – and your bank balance.

1. Annual checks by a Gas Safe registered engineer

Not only will regular checks by a qualified engineer ensure your boiler is in safe, working condition, they could also reduce bills and increase efficiency as well. During an annual check a Gas Safe registered engineer will make sure your boiler is processing heat and energy in the most efficient way and overall any slowdown factors. Routine checks will also stave off the cost of an emergency call out later down the line by identifying and addressing minor issues before they set in.

2. Educate your tenants

It’s in your tenants’ interest to have a smooth-running boiler as well, so making sure you educate them about their boiler responsibilities at the start of a tenancy is a must. Little things like asking them to keep an eye on the pressure and making sure they know how the system works could ward off major problems. If you’re reluctant to address these issues in person, including them as key details in your tenant welcome pack is an effective way to communicate in a non-confrontational way.

3. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

Most boiler manufacturers recommend keeping boilers in well-ventilated areas to make sure they run smoothly. If it’s not possible to move your boiler into a more ventilated area, make tenants aware that they must not store items around the boiler vents as this can starve the boiler of oxygen and contribute to breakdowns.

4. Check your pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the main reasons boilers break down. During the colder months of the year, it’s worth having the heating on in your house at least a couple of hours a day to stop pipes from freezing. As a longer-term solution, lagging your pipes (most DIY shops should sell ready made pipe lagging) is a cost effective way to prevent freezing on a longer-term basis.

5. Feeling flush

As your boiler ages, sludge can build up in its system, slowing down its ability to generate heat effectively. Paying for a professional deep-clean to flush out all the muck and debris from your pipes and radiators, as well as your boilers, will maximize the heat the boiler generates and extend its lifetime, which is a good result for the property’s occupant – and its owner.

For more information on servicing your boiler in the winter months, why not download Fixflo’s FREE Boiler Maintenance Checklist here

Clare Burroughs

Written by Clare Burroughs

Clare is the Marketing Manager for Fixflo

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