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How to Win More Landlords: A Business Strategy

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

In property, the need to progress and attain more resources and as strong a market position as possible is just as important as it is in every other industry. The resource you need to ensure that...

3 Reasons Why Having Clear Processes Will Help You Win Private Landlords

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, lettings industry, lettings agents

Although they are not the easiest things to do, establishing and following robust work processes is important for any business.  This is especially so with letting agencies. They not only help win...

3 Reasons Why You Need to Know the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985

Letting Agent Tips, Landlord Tips, law, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

If you're a property manager working in lettings, chances are, you've heard of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and even its younger cousin Homes...

Service Trends to Watch for in the Future of the Lettings Industry

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, future

AS Bob Dylan once said, the time’s they are a-changin’ – and never is that more true than in today’s lettings industry. Even before this month’s Tenant Fee Act, agencies knew they had to move with...

Defining Your Company Values

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, business growth

Why we do what we do, but more importantly, how we do it.

How to plan a roadmap for your lettings business

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, business growth, lettings agents

In last week’s article I introduced you to the concept of the agency roadmap. The roadmap is a business plan with nine modules, that when followed will give you a systemised, profitable and...

How To Comply with the HHSRS Regulations on Crowding and Space

Letting Agent Tips, lettings industry, lettings agents, hhsrs, regulation, law, crowding

With The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act due to come into force in a matter of weeks (20th March 2019), focus has understandably turned to the 29 Housing Health and Safety System (HHSRS)...

Improving Communication in a Rapidly Changing Lettings Industry

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, tenant fees bill

In just a few months, the property management landscape in England will change significantly.

Why Strengthened Data Regulations Could Make it Difficult to Find New Landlords

PropTech, Letting Agent Tips, gdpr, compliance

May 25th 2018 will probably be a largely unremarkable day - everyone will be looking forward to the long weekend provided by the Spring Bank Holiday on the 28th, and we’ll probably just be getting...

What Will Landlords Expect From Letting Agents in 2018?

Letting Agent Tips, repairs and maintenance management software, property management

In 2018, the increase in the Bank of England base rate combined with the additional 3% stamp duty applied to second homes means most landlords will be looking to streamline property holdings...

What Are The 5 Most Common Tenant Repairs?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips, Repairs and Maintenance Software

When it comes to tenant repairs, the same pain points keep cropping up. These are often complicated by confusion about who bears responsibility for their resolution; the tenant or the landlord. We...

Rapid Response: How To Maximise Impact As A Letting Agent

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Solutions to meet increasing customer needs and demands are becoming more and more technically enhanced and the danger in all of this is that the simplest things are missed. What a customer really...

Establishing Your Reputation As A Letting Agency

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

The temptation to take short cuts when advising landlords is always great – particularly when it might appear that your advice will, initially at least, save them money. The problem is that short...

How Can Letting Agents Utilise Digital Marketing To Find Private Landlords?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

In today’s online world, it is essential for letting agents to incorporate digital into their marketing strategy. The beauty of utilising social media platforms is that, by monitoring them, you...

How Can Letting Agents Win Business The Old-Fashioned Way?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

There are many ways that agents gain landlord property instructions: canvassing, door knocking, trawling the websites, identifying property etc. The best and most effective method happens to be...

The Benefits of Knowing Your Landlord

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Letting agents, you must first decide on the type of landlord you want to attract. 

How Can Letting Agents Market To Key Demographics In 2017?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Knowing your demographic market and targeting the right tenants is the key to success in the lettings field . This is because the competition is fierce (5.4m households were registered in the...

Letting Agents: Don't Be Afraid To Ask For More Business

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Simply ask any landlord who you are currently working with or who registers as a buy-to-let purchaser, or if you have a sales side to your business, ask the following question when closing any...

How Can Letting Agents Become the Leading Authority In Their Local Market?

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

Old school techniques of “landlords” wanted leaflets. But, “ring us for a free valuation”, “we have let/sold this in your street” leaflets just don't work anymore.  And then there are simply too...

6 Ways To Establish Trust With Your Tenants

Letting Agent Blog, Letting Agent Tips

The news that one in four tenants wouldn’t tell their landlord if they caused significant damage to their rental property is enough to strike fear into the hearts of landlords and agents...

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