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What Makes Fixflo A Different Proptech Startup?

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We know that the proptech industry is full of start-ups all purporting to do the same thing, and it can be difficult for any one company to stand out. We wouldn’t say that we need any help in standing out, but we thought it might be helpful to lay down some of the traits that make Fixflo...well, Fixflo.

We say traits because features is a boring subject. You can find the features of our products elsewhere on the site. This article should give you an insight into what we value as a company and as a team, and allow you to understand how and why we work in the way that we do. When we’re throwing ideas around and something gets described as “not very floey”, that means that it doesn’t really fit in with the culture we’ve created in our work and within our team to make us a different proptech startup. You could call these brand values, but they also act as guidelines in everything we do.

Fixflo is empathetic

You don’t get anywhere without being empathetic to the needs of customers. Everything we do is for them, not us. We don’t add a new feature to our products because it’s cool and attention-grabbing and could put us on the map - we add it because it’s useful and can either solve a challenge or enrich the experience of our users.

Fixflo is solution-driven

There’s always a way to improve on what we already have, and we don’t stop until we’ve found it. Whether it’s a revolution that rocks our world or an adjustment that makes everything click into place, we want to find it, and we make sure our people have everything they need to do so.

Fixflo is better together

We don’t work in silos - we might have different job titles and functions, but we’re all one team. Everyone’s opinion and view is equally valuable and there’s no idea that isn’t worth hearing and discussing, even if it doesn’t end up being implemented.

Fixflo is fun-loving

We recognise that work isn’t the be-all and end-all. You can burn out even in the most creative company, and when an organisation is only as strong as its team, that’s a recipe for disaster. We make sure that we take the time to refresh ourselves, have some fun, connect as people (not just as colleagues) and clear our minds so we can successfully tackle current and future challenges.

A lot of companies across practically every industry are perhaps overly concerned with making their mark to take the time to consider the need for a workplace culture or brand values and traits - but things can easily come crashing down if those guidelines aren’t in place.

Ben Gallizzi

Written by: Ben Gallizzi

Ben is the Content and Social Media Manager for Fixflo.

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